We've given away $10,000 to Riesling lovers throughout the US. The response was tremendous and we'd like to thank each and every one of you for participating and sharing your wit and personal stories.

You'll find the list of winners to the right. If you didn't get a chance to play this time, be sure to check back. We usually have something fun and interesting for our loyal fans.

In the meantime:

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  • 1: Brian Petsel
  • 2: Tanyetta Mckoy
  • 3: Emily Weaver
  • 4: Kelsey Grasso
  • 5: Laurie Lufkin
  • 6: Barbara Reese
  • 7: Marilyn Fields
  • 8: Anna Marquardt
  • 9: Becky Norman
  • 10: Flora Bare
"I feel Rieslingably Vine for a brazen little raisin."
Brian P. - Florida
"To savor every moment. There is nothing as sweet as enjoying a glass of Riesling with your best friend."
Nancy H. - Virginia
"That there is really no reason required. Reisling needs no reason! Any reason is a riesling for being! "
Shana L. - Washington
"Most wines want to be red, except the Queen, she is Riesling — great when young and ages gracefully! "
Dan T. - Florida
"There's a Riesling for Everything"
Chris N. - Oregon
"To have the best which is riesling and share it with my family and special friends "
Diana C. - Texas
"Riesling wines sweeten all my whines. "
David S. - Minnesota
"Life is for living and sharing with family and friends. Moments are not to be missed. "
Jennifer B. - Tennessee