Small Wine Brand Takes Big Risks and Gets Hot Fast

Below is a press release that we have put on the wire yesterday to shout to the world how proud we are to be number one!

RICHLAND, Wash.– (BUSINESS WIRE) — Many “experts” believe these are times to avoid risk and survive the economic storm. At Pacific Rim Winery, the founders have taken a radically different tack by making risk-taking a pillar of their company culture. In just three years, their strategy has paid dividends – and, in the process, they’ve left an indelible mark on the wine industry.

Three years ago this month, a small band of Bonny Doon Vineyard expatriates founded Pacific Rim Winery. Their challenge: Create an entire brand around the success of one wine (Dry Riesling). Bonny Doon Vineyard has a rich history of innovative and creative thinking, and the winery’s founder, Randall Grahm, is widely recognized as the force behind the democratization of the wine industry over the past two decades.

With this pedigree, it’s not surprising that the team who founded Pacific Rim would challenge industry conventions and redefine a few “tried and true” wine industry rules along the way. Because of their innovative thinking, aggressive growth, creative marketing and – of course – award-winning wines, Wine Business Monthly (the industry’s preeminent trade magazine) has named Pacific Rim the #1 HOT SMALL WINE BRAND OF 2009.

Pacific Rim received the HOT BRAND honor largely because of a passion and commitment to do things differently and a willingness to take risks. The biggest risk taken by the Pacific Rim team was to commit to a single wine variety, RIESLING. In an industry where wineries spread risk by investing in multiple wine varieties, the team at Pacific Rim wanted to make a statement. That statement was: Do one thing and do it better than anyone else. In fact, Pacific Rim crafts ten Rieslings across flavor profiles – comprising 90% of the winery’s production. Affirming the wisdom of their singular Riesling focus, Riesling was recently named the fastest growing wine variety by AC Nielsen (even surpassing Pinot Noir).

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