Framboise NAKED


Just coming back from a quick trip to raspberry land also known to us as Mount Vernon in the skagit valley of western Washington. It is there that Mike and Jean Jungquist grow our special selection of Raspberry that we call internally the “Morrison”. We’ve selected that raspberry varietal because of its low seed bitterness and its crazy high raspberry flavors. Mike and his family gow one field for us (picture below) so it is really a single vineyard raspberry! It is a major commitment from our team but this is what it take to make a primo raspberry infusion like framboise. The field yields about 40 tons of raspberry every year. We’ve discussed experimenting with a few newer selections this year, so I might be up for a raspberry clone tasting this summer (they breed about 180 new clones every year) – raspberry fans send me a note and I’ll take you up!


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  1. Aileen Says:

    Adore your Framboise, and can’t wait to try the Morrison version–when will it be released, and where can I buy it in NYC?

  2. Nicolas Says:

    Dear Aileen,

    Thank you for the note. You can find the Framboise at Beacon Wine – 2120 Broadway or Whole Foods – 808 Columbus Avenue.

    You can also always order on our web site – Free shipping for orders of 6 bottles and more – you can mix and match.



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