A scoring world

Lately I have heard so many wine buyers talking only about scores, scores, scores. I even went to retailers that only buy 90+ wines. This is just plainly bad for our wine industry and for consumers. All those scores are just opinions, not science, not hard facts, just opinions. it does not matter if it is blind or not, with a panel or not. One day consumers and buyers will realize that wine reviews are one opinion from one person at one moment of time (wine is just not like toasters, it can age and change). One day someone is going to give 95 points to a wine that will poison people, it was just an opinion mind you! Moody gave AAA ratings to mortgage back securities, those were also opinions (they recently won a lawsuit against the US governemnt based on their first amendment right to voice an opinion) – at the end of the day the bankers were thinking that Moody’s opinions were good as gold. I think no one will believe a AAA rating is good as gold now. Please be careful with ratings – they are just opinions.

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  1. Ken Schramm Says:

    He shoots, he scores.

    The beer world is similarly obsessed. The unfortunate reality is that newcomers to wine or craft beer have so many choices, and absent massive effort to educate themselves (which can take years), scores provide them the data points they need to make decisions. Especially in a world of grocery store wine purchases, or mega retailers with poorly educated floor staff, the reliance on scores is the sole comfort zone for those beginning to spend more than $6 on a bottle or six pack.

    But danger lurks in relying on central location testing of a few sips by a “master palate” as the determinant of how you will enjoy an entire bottle of wine or beer. They taste too many wines, too fast, without the requisite accompaniment o good food and good friends. The scores lack any context whatsoever. Find a wine seller you trust, lose the fear of blowing a few bucks on a bottle, and trust your own palate. The only rating that matters is your own.

  2. Nicolas Says:


    Thanks for the great comments.

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