Retail sale data well sliced and explained

Would not have said it better than the wine economist at:

A good quick read that would once again show our dear Riesling performing very well.

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  1. christine edwards Says:

    I was on vacation this summer in Colorado Springs, picked up a bottle of sweet riesling, loved the taste, not to sweet, but just right, went to order a case to give to friends for christmas, well what a bummer, we can’T ORDER THIS IN VIRGINIA, WHAT A SHAME I FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT WINE, IS THERE ANY WAY YOU CAN GET IT INTO VIRGINIA. THANKS FOR A GREAT WINE . C EDWARDS

  2. Nicolas Says:


    Just a quick note to let you know that I will be back with a full set of Retailer in VA that carry the Sweet Riesling. Can you tell me what city do you live in?


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