Chris Flanders,Northwest Regional Sales Manager

I reside in Seattle, Washington which in my opinion is the "epicenter" of the Great Pacific Northwest. For me the Pacific Northwest represents life in harmony. We have an incredible mix of cultures and natural beauty here which makes each day more interesting than the one before.

When I heard that Pacific Rim would be establishing itself with a new winery in Eastern Washington I made the conscious decision to find a way to become involved. I am a true believer in Northwest wines and am thrilled to be a part of the "Riesling Revolution".

In my spare time I like to engage in a wide variety of outdoor activities. My favorites include snowboarding the peaks of the Cascade Mountain Range and mountain biking the many, many trails of Western Washington. I'm also a huge NHL Fan and am hoping and praying that Seattle will someday reclaim the Stanley Cup with a new NHL Franchise. But most of my everyday enjoyment comes from spending quality time with my wife and my two young children.