Debbie Emery, Southwest Regional Sales Manager

The wonderful world of wine has been really good to me personally and professionally. I started out working in wine almost as a fluke because after graduating from Humboldt State I moved to Sonoma County and needed a job. I found my first winery position by looking through the newspaper--anyone remember those days?! I was a tour guide at the Christian Brothers beautiful Greystone Cellars building, which is now the Culinary Institute of America, and then went into Sales and I've been at that for various wineries for over 20 years now. I have worked for small family owned wineries such as Joseph Phelps Vineyards and for very large wine companies such as Constellation. At every winery it has always been the people behind the brands that have made my career in wine so rewarding. Oh, and also the great wines I've enjoyed along the way! Food and wine have become a huge passion for me, perhaps bordering at times on obsession, and at the very least a preoccupation. What started as an avocation quickly became a vocation and I fell for the many fascinating and delicious aspects of food and wine, and the enjoyment of it with family and friends.

Since wine is of that rare providence of being a blend of nature, science and art, there is always more to learn, taste and experience. And living in the Bay Area seems to afford almost endless opportunities to continue to probe into what's happening with both wine and food. Riesling is one of my absolute favorite varieties, mostly because it's amazing compatibility with a wide range of cuisines; and so how lucky am I to be teamed up with Pacific Rim? I hope you enjoy exploring the pleasure of our wines with your loved ones, and that your wine discoveries will continue to take you on interesting and tasty new journeys.