Pacific Rim Family

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At Pacific Rim, we're a family. We come from many different backgrounds, but we share a common vision (a vision beyond our desire to make world-class Riesling) — we want to do great, meaningful work (from winemaking to marketing to sales to finance)...and we want to have fun doing it. We value the environment we've fostered where candid, open communication is the foundation of every interaction, and creative, innovative thinking is expected in everything we do.

Interestingly, many of us are refugees from larger (even multi-national corporate) companies. Though we learned an enormous amount from our experiences at these larger companies, we all felt a calling to do something more sincere and entrepreneurial. We feel strongly that the best thinking comes from accessing all the brain power available — so we encourage the cross pollination of ideas from team members of different backgrounds and skill sets. We also believe in making hard choices and we strive to integrate environmentally conscious practices across the winery (you can read more in the SUSTAINABILITY section of the website).

Like a family, we share many passions: food, wine, personal time with family and friends, the beauty of the Northwest... and, of course, Riesling. We hope you feel that our passion — and our joy — shows in the quality of our wines.

To learn more about the Pacific Rim family, you can contact any one of us at . We'll make sure that your email gets forwarded to the appropriate person.