Irene Lozach, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Some parents harbor a very real fear that their children will grow up to be musicians. Much to my parents’ chagrin when I finished music school I immediately began looking for a job in wine and food! Through sheer good fortune I landed a job in wine where I have discover many of my colleagues to be former instrumentalists 'come wine people. When you think about it, it sort of makes sense. Wine and music are both pretty special as they bring great enjoyment and beauty to the world and can strike at the core of our emotions. I remember my first wow moment in music as much as I remember my first wow in wine. One involved Mahler and the other Sauterne but each took me down a long and rewarding path in life. For my entire career I have worked in wine sales, distribution and distributor management and I have happily visited some of the finest wine producing regions the world over. I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband, Serge who also works in wine. We live in Manhattan and we are big proponents of good living! I love to cook and Serge is a gregarious entertainer so we find ourselves with a dining table surrounded by friends and loved ones regularly and Riesling is always a part of the fun!