Steve Doyle, Eastern VP of Sales

I have been in the wine business my entire working life. Which is a terrific career choice if you happen to love friends, family, food and of course great wines. I began shortly after college selling Gallo Hearty Burgundy, graduated to Diageo working on Inglenook, moved to Southcorp wines of Penfolds fame and then built some wonderful brands at Constellation. I discovered Pacific Rim, and soon realized that I had truly found a home.

Pacific Rim is a place that invites you to explore and take business risks; It is a place that invites you and ensures you have family balance; and it is a place that encourages you to care about the environment. Being Riesling focused is frankly what is so fun with this adventure. Riesling is an undiscovered varietal within a world of sameness. As I travel around the country and sample our Distributors, trade, and of course my family members, I get the same response, .this wine is truly fantastic!

So I hope you enjoy our new website, and more importantly, I hope you enjoy our wines. Take care.