Riesling Zealotry

Why are we obsessed with Riesling? Riesling simply is the most versatile, complex and food-friendly of all the noble grapes. If you enjoy discovering new wines and inspiring your palate, then Riesling is your ideal wine. No other varietal can be crafted to express so many different and wondrous characteristic — from bone dry with floral aromas to dessert sweet with spicy aromas. There's no end to Riesling's versatility.

And no other varietal so purely expresses terroir...And Washington's Columbia Valley — home of Pacific Rim — provides the ideal soils and climate for growing Riesling. Purity is at the core of Pacific Rim's winemaking philosophy. We exclusively use stainless steel tanks, allowing the true character of Riesling to speak for itself. Our wines are fresh, vivid and elegant with delicate yet complex aromas.

Riesling's crisp, vibrant characteristics are a fresh alternative to heavier, oak-laden white wines. Riesling's balance between acidity, sweetness (or dryness) and moderate alcohol makes it the perfect food wine for cuisine as varied as Asian to European to Middle Eastern to Fusion.