Autumnus Red Wine

Autumnus Red

Autumnus represents everything that is beautiful about food and wine — bounty, variety and complexity. Crafted to be a perfect food wine, Autumnus is a bit lighter in alcohol with minimal exposure to oak and a soft tannic structure balanced by bright acidity. With excellent complexity and depth of character, Autumnus is a refreshing alternative to one-dimensional, fruit-forward red wines.

The vision for Autumnus was to craft a wine where each component would bring its own individuality and, at the same time, harmonically counterbalance the individuality of the other component. The Sangiovese brings bright fruit and tannins; the Barbera contributes the acidity and some raciness to the blend with dark cherry aromas and flavors; and the Primitivo — aged in oak — lends a slight touch of rich meaty characteristics and a broad palate.

In the end, the blend is soft (though not at all wimpy) and high in acid with some deep red fruit (from the Barbera) and floral tones (from the Sangiovese).

Autumnus is crafted to pair with a diverse canvas of foods. Our red blend would be a lovely pairing with pasta or gnocchi in cream sauce (because the acid will balance the rich nature of the dish). The wine would also pair beautifully with a racy dish, like short ribs with horseradish sauce


Gold Medal Winner
2009 Tri-Cities Wine Festival

ALCOHOL: 12.8%
UPC: 899552 11327 2