Riesling Wallula Vineyard

Biodynamic Cuvée Columbia Valley's Horse Heaven Hills

Wallula Vineyard Location Adhering to the strictest Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farming and viticulture standards, this wine is a pure expression of Riesling. People often ask, "What do you do at the winery to make the winemaking Biodynamic?" Well that's easy, we do nothing.absolutely nothing. If we would list the ingredients on the label, they would read: Biodynamic grapes, Sulfites below 100ppm, yeast hulls and bentonite (used for protein stability). The resulting wine is a piece of art and the truest form of Riesling.

2007 was well suited for Biodynamic wines because the acidity in the grapes was high. The wine aromas are fairly ripe with some guava and grapefruit notes. The wine was aged on lees for a few months and displays wonderful yeastiness, jasmine on the palate and great minerality with a dry, bright finish.

The alcohol is 13.5%, acid is 0.63%, pH is 3.35 and Residual Sugar is 0.76%.

Food Pairing

Because of the final alcohol content (13.5%), we would recommend something with subtle richness, such as a chicken with a creamy sauce or a fish with a beurre blanc.


Gold Medal — Best in Class
2009 National Women's Wine Competition

Gold Medal Winner
2009 Tri-Cities Wine Festival

Silver Medal Winner
2009 International Riverside Wine Competition
2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Bronze Medal Winner
2009 Dallas Morning News Wine Competition

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