Riesling Selenium Vineyard - Vin De Glaciere

Yakima Valley

Selenium Vineyard Map We pick the Vin de Glacière Riesling grapes around 22.5% sugar in order to preserve the natural acidity of the grapes. The grapes are then frozen. We press the grapes frozen, resulting in a concentrated press juice (about 36% sugar) and a low yield (about half the regular yield). The concentrated juice is fermented until we reach 16% Residual Sugar.The wine shows loads of pear, and some honey and horse radish. On the palate, the wine is surprisingly light and aromatic but not syrupy or heavy. This has to do with the great acidity (0.88%) in the wine. The 10.4% Ethanol makes the wine very refreshing and quite food friendly.

The alcohol is 10.4%, acid is 0.88%, pH is 3.14 and Residual Sugar is 16.0%

Food Pairing

Fruit tarts are a classic pairing, but it also pairs well with blue cheeses and curries.


Chairman's Award — Unanimous Gold
2009 International Riverside Wine Competition

Gold Medal Winner
2010 Stock Show & Rodeo
2009 Sommelier Challenge
2009 San Diego Wine Competition

Silver Medal Winner
2009 National Women's Wine Competition
2008 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
2007 Tri Cities Wine Competition

Bronze Meal Winner
2009 Tri-Cities Wine Festival
2009 Dallas Morning News Wine Competition

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