Sustainable Wine

At Pacific Rim, we are committed to walking the walk regarding sustainable corporate "green washing" here. We believe that making beautiful wines should not compromise the beauty of our planet.

  • Certified Organic producer (Washington State Department of Agriculture)
  • First and only Demeter certified Biodynamic wine in Washington State
  • More than 160 acres of grapes under Biodynamic or Organic farming
  • Banned non-sustainable vineyard practices, from hard herbicides to heavy watering
  • Founder and active member of WineWise, a Washington State wine producers' sustainability group
  • Founder and leader of a sustainability grape growers group
  • Winery built to optimize electrical and water usage efficiency
  • Exclusively use wild yeasts — no commercial yeasts
  • Switched to low weight glass to reduce our glass use and our carbon footprint
  • We do not bottle any wines above 100ppm total Sulfites — 1/3 of the legal limit
  • We compost 100% of our pomace weight (a bi-product of grape crush)
  • All promotional materials are printed on post- consumer waste/recycled paper
  • 25% of our staff bike to work