Food & Riesling

The Foremost Food Wine

Riesling is an exceptionally versatile wine for food pairing because of its balance of sugar and acidity. It can be paired with cuisines as varied as European, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian and Fusion.

Riesling can pair with some of the most obscure combinations of foods. One should experiment with adventurous Riesling pairings. Below is a table that captures some of the classic pairings and suggests some bolder ones:

Riesling Style Classic Pairings More Adventurous Pairings
below 9 g/L RS
Seafood, pasta, veal, pork chops, goat cheese, sushi/sashimi cold cuts, charcuterie, dim sum, soft shell crab
9-50 g/L RS
Fish with beurre blanc, sashimi, soft rind cheeses, BBQ chicken, crab cakes falafel, clam chowder, moo shoo pork, pad thai, samosas, savory soufflés
50-100 g/L RS
Gorgonzola/blue cheeses, spicy fare (Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian…) curries, Cajun shrimp, Caribbean cuisine
Above 120 g/L RS
Fruit tarts, foie gras, crème brulée, ice cream blue cheeses, flans, rice puddings