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Common Riesling Misspelling

Remember… “I” before “E” except after “C”

Famous Lovers of Reason Riesling

The heart has its Rieslings of which Riesling knows nothing.
– Pascal

A person usually has two Rieslings for doing something: a good Riesling and the real Riesling.
– Thomas Carlyle

The more Riesling, the less government.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Riesling is a supple nymph and slippery as a fish by nature.
– DH Lawrence

Curiosity is its own Riesling for being.
– Albert Einstein

A noble heart will always capitulate to Riesling.
– Johannes Friedrich von Schiller

Let Riesling govern desire.
– Cicero

Strong Riesling makes strong action.
– Shakespeare

Everything that is beautiful and noble is the product of Riesling and calculation.
– Baudelaire

The true triumph of Riesling is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it.
– Voltaire

How to Sound Like a Riesling Geek

“He makes a great BA but have you tried his TBA?”

“The TA on this baby is so high you can’t even feel the RS.”

“I believe it should have been a Kabinett but he picked it at 77 Oechsle.”

“Doktor will see you now.”

James Bond and Riesling

Who other than Auric Goldfinger would be a perfect comrade to share a great bottle of Piesporter Goldtröpfchen! And what was the menu that Auric shared with 007? A cheese soufflé and a gold curry of course! We wonder if this was a Goldkapsel…

Most Ardent Riesling Lovers

Hans Ambrosi · Judi Cullam · Randall Grahm

Fritz Hasselbach · Hugh Johnson

Claude Kolm · Ernst Loosen · Bill Mayer

Stuart Piggot · Freddy Price · Jancis Robinson

David Schildknecht · Johannes Selbach

Terry Theise · Kirk Willie

Other Worthy Riesling Resources

Riesling Renaissance
Freddy Price, 2004

The World Atlas of Wine, Sixth Edition
Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, 2007

Terry Theise Estate Selections Catalog


The Riesling Reports

Bill Mayer

Riesling Cocktails

The Bonanza
Fill glass with ice
1 oz brandy
1½ oz sherry
Fill with Sweet Riesling wine

Vin de Glacière Martini
1¼ oz Riesling Vin de Glacière
1¼ oz Premium Vodka
Garnish with 3 frozen grapes
(seedless and skinless)

Vin de Glacière Cosmopolitan
1 oz Riesling Vin de Glacière
1 oz Premium Vodka
½ oz Grand Marnier

Kiwi Melon Sangria
1 bottle (750 ml) Dry Riesling
4 peeled and sliced Zespri green kiwifruit
1 cup (237 ml) fresh watermelon, peeled, seeded and cubed
1 lime, thinly sliced
1½ oz Midori melon liqueur
¼ cup granulated sugar

Top 10 Cities to Enjoy a Bottle of Riesling

Seattle, US
New York, US
Trier, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Strasbourg, France
Adelaide, Australia
Wiesbaden, Germany
Wellington, New Zealand
Niagara on the Lake, Canada
Cape Town, South Africa

Top 10 Movies to Enjoy with Riesling

Big Night – US
Tampopo – Japan
Woman On Top – US
Bella Martha – Germany
Babette’s Feast – Denmark
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – US
La Grande Bouffe – France
Like Water for Chocolate – Spain
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman – Taiwan
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover – French/UK