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Famous Marriages (for the Right Rieslings)

In the late 19th century German horticulturalists devoted much effort to the development of new Riesling hybrids that would create a more flexible, less temperamental grape which could still retain some of the elegant characteristics of Riesling. Among the most famous hybrids are:

Scheurebe a very strange hybrid of Riesling & Sylvaner
Kerner a hybrid of Trollinger & Riesling
Müller-Thurgau a hybrid of Riesling & Madeleine Royale

4 Responses to “Famous Marriages (for the Right Rieslings)”

  1. j Says:

    Hasn’t been accepted that sylvaner and it’s DNA is ruled out as a parent of sheurebe?

  2. Book Says:


    Great comment. This is definitely true. Scheurebe was developped by Dr Georg Sheu in 1916 and it has been proven in the late 1990s that Dr Sheu did not use Sylvaner (as previously thought) but more likely an unknown wild vine cultivar that has not been identified to this date.

    Thank you for catching that!

  3. Peter Sichel Says:

    you describe Scheurebe, Müller Thurgau etc. as Hybrids. They are not, because the grape varieties that produced them are all from the vitis vinifera, and therefore they are “crossings”. A hybrid is the result of mating two different families of grape varieties: i.e. vitis vinifera with a native grape variety. it would help if you corrected that.

  4. Nicolas Says:


    You are right of course. I guess this is a reflection os some sort of French-English translation on my part. Thank you for catching that.


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