Riesling Rules Book

Riesling Usurpers

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the Riesling grape has historically been extremely flattered, often with the intention of adding a slight aura of respectability to clearly lesser grape varieties. The list of usurpers runs long: Welschriesling is common in Austria, Croatia and Hungary and is sometimes also labeled as Riesling Italico. There is also Olasz Rizling,

Laski Rizling and Riesling Renano. Schwarzriesling (Black Riesling) is the German name for Pinot meunier. Cape Riesling is the South African name for the French grape Crouchen. Gray Riesling is actually Trousseau Gris and Emerald Riesling is not a true Riesling at all, but a cross between Riesling and the rather more prosaic Muscadelle.

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