Organic Riesling From Pacific Rim

Sustainability from Vine to Bottle

99.2% of all components for our Riesling are organic. We even use native — not commercial — yeast to best present the natural character of our vineyard. We use no pesticides and every element within our sustainably-farmed vineyard is native to the vineyard.

Our winery is centrally located within fifty miles of all our vineyards, reducing freight and therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

Skylights offset demand for electrical lighting. And energy-efficient alternatives are employed throughout our winemaking process.

Additionally, the package is 100% recyclable.

Purity and Winemaking

For all our wines, we exclusively use stainless steel tanks to preserve the complex character of the Riesling grape. No oak barrels or malolactic fermentation are used in our winemaking.

Our Riesling displays aromas of jasmine and citrus. The subtly sweet profile is balanced by bright and refreshing acidity. We've crafted a wine to pair with the foods that today's wine lovers place on their dinner tables. Our Riesling beautifully complements all manner of Asian cuisines, spicy fare and flavorful, fresh, local foods.

Organic Market Facts*

  • 39% of consumers claim that the fact a product is organic influences their brand selection
  • Among sustainably-driven consumers, the wine segment is the most heavily purchased category (more than juices, hot cereals, frozen seafood, spirits or coffee)

Alcohol: 10.5%


Silver Medal Winner
2009 Sommelier Challenge
2009 Tri-Cities Wine Festival
2009 International Riverside Wine Competition
2009 San Diego Wine Competition

*IRI Consumer Network, 52 weeks ending 10/21/07